Get Your Hotel Online

    We can help you get your hotel online and provide:

  • Operational Services.
  • Business Plan Development.
  • Property Management Systems.
  • Systems Development and Operating Procedures.

Maximize your sales

  • Strategic planning and business plan development
  • Operational analysis of revenues and profitability
  • Generating marketing, sales and reservation strategies for specific markets
  • Team building through CPR – Compensation, Participation and Recognition
  • Reducing and controlling expenses with effective cost control systems
  • Repositioning hotel properties and identifying “turnaround” strategies

Hotel Consulting

With trusted T.A and O.T.A.

Increase your Sales

Get in the market now.

Hotel Management

In Greece

Checkin Travel is a Hotel Management & Consulting Company.

We offer a wealth of experience in hospitality and business consulting services. Our products will assist your Hotel to increase efficiency, profitability, and sales. From the conception of your dream to the opening of your new enterprise, our team can help you achieve your business ambitions.